About  My ID Club

Designed to give parents peace of mind and keep children safe, MY ID CLUB keeps all of a child's vital information in one convenient location. Each card includes the child's basic identifying information as well as special medical needs, allergies, and disabilities. Parents can show the pre-printed MY ID CLUB cards to emergency responders if their child has a medical emergency or disappears from sight. The program also encourages parents to give cards to the children themselves, so that they can provide accurate information to law enforcement or other trusted adults if they need help.

The King County Police Union of Seattle developed the MY ID CLUB system in response to the many challenges parents face in keeping their children safe. It sponsors regular events to distribute identification cards for free and introduce families to their many uses. Parents learn the importance of having their children’s information on hand at all times, while children are taught to seek out law enforcement personnel if they ever become separated from their adult caregivers. 

Events occur throughout the year at a wide variety of community gathering spaces, including the location that hosted the organization's first event, Seattle's Southcenter Mall.